Individual Offerings

A yoga practice is a truly individual experience. Each person comes to the mat with their own intention and everyone has their own, very unique past that brought them here to this present moment. Whether you are trying to heal an injury, want to be more mindful, ready to begin a spiritual transformation, or even just really curious about yoga, there can be a practice for you, whenever you are ready. I love to work individually or in small groups to support your wellbeing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In addition to being a registered yoga teacher, I am also an emerging yoga therapist. Therefore, I can offer therapeutic classes that are designed to awaken your own capacity for  self-change by cultivating a greater self-awareness. Currently, I am certified in the following:


Trauma-Informed Yoga

Yoga promotes resilience, or the ability to bounce back from difficulties with ease and grace, and resilience is key to overcoming traumatic experiences or chronic stress.  Trauma-informed yoga is a very simple, inquisitive practice for anyone who has experienced any sort of trauma in their lifetime. It uses breathing techniques, simple poses, and meditations to help a person befriend their body and regain a sense of understanding of themselves as they heal.


Yoga for Behavior Change

Based on scientifically established theories of behavior change and using Empowerment Coaching techniques, this yoga practice is designed to present techniques and tools to individuals to assist them in facilitating learning, change, and growth. As a therapeutic practice, this type of yoga allows practitioners to gain internal insight and cultivate deep awareness as transformation only happens when we pay attention to the energetic forces of experiences and shift them in a way that serves us best. This style of yoga has been found to help people reduce stress, anxiety, depression, recover from addictions of any sorts.


To discuss individualized yoga opportunities, including scheduling options and rates,
please complete the form below, or call (240)-463-8215. I’m happy to currently offer these as virtual yoga and mindfulness classes that can be completely on your schedule.