Community Classes

Facilitating yoga and mindfulness classes is an opportunity to co-create a shared embodied practice that supports everyone’s own wellbeing. As facilitator of classes at a variety of different locations, I  adapt my offerings to what is present -including the people, the collective energy, the mood and even what’s going on in the world. My classes often included breathing exercises, meditations, mindful movement and yoga philosophy interwoven throughout to offer the chance for self-actualization and introspection.

I honor the fact that yoga is all about the individual journey towards collective liberation. Within my community offerings, there will be lots of places for you to explore your body and your inner landscape. I’ll offer variations and opportunities to choose practices that support your full self –  whether that means pausing and resting or seeing what might be possible by exploring further.  Ultimately, I’ll hold space for you to discover that you have always been enough and that each moment presents a special opportunity to awaken to that full potential. Together, by breathing, moving and being we can create radical community spaces that open us all up to greater connection.

Please note: all of my current community offerings are being held virtually in recognition of the continued importance of social distancing for our collective wellbeing. 


7:00 – 8:00 pm Yin Yoga through Willow Yoga

Join me on Zoom – register here ($8 drop in) 

Yin yoga is passive yoga in which simple seated or reclined poses are offered for a length of time to relax the fascia, or connective tissue, in order to enhance mobility and flexibility and dissipate energy blockages. Yin yoga also provides a chance to practice ‘letting go’ as a means to balance the busyness in our lives, whether created or imposed. It is a perfect introduction to mindfulness and meditation, too.